House of Refuge Ministries

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Worshiping Together As One

H.O.R.M.'s Services

Begin your spiritual journey and join the members of the House of Refuge Ministries as we worship and pray in Baton Rouge, LA. Through regular prayer and worship services, you'll not only improve your spiritual being, but also strengthen your relationship with God. If you wish to learn more about H.O.R.M.'s services, reach out today.

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Pray & Worship With Us

Join with us as we praise and worship with giving, songs, and preaching of the spoken word. Bring your Bibles along! But if you don't have one, don't worry – we'd be happy to provide you with one.

Sunday Worship: 9-11 AM
Wednesday Worship: 6-8 PM

Worship Leaders

Senior Pastor: David Ferguson Sr.
Apostle Youth Pastor: Cornell Webb
First Lady: Rita Ferguson
Evangelist & Speaker: Kissa Webb
Evangelist: Rinata Hollins
Evangelist : Lacrecia Terrance

Church Celebration

Man Speaking Two Ladies Smiling Group of Ladies